Communicate Clearly

Very few people communicate what motivates their business, and yet those are the stories we find irresistible. Simon Sinek beautifully explains the theory that “people don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it”. Watch his TED Talk, then come on back to this page.

Eloquent writing and strategic design for your website, brochure, proposal, report, presentation, newsletter, plan, online network and blog all tell a story about your passion, professionalism, attention to detail, ingenious ideas, and desire to serve your audience.

In this era of expanding communication channels and participatory marketing it’s essential to have a presence in the social media as well as in print to engage your community, build social equity, and share your offerings. Comparably, internal communications is the lubrication that supports efficient and effective operation of your business. Loyalty and unity flourish when your departments and teammates are continually acquainted with their part of the big picture.

If you’ve got an abundance of great ideas but need help organizing and articulating them, if writing or layout aren’t your strongest skill set, if you don’t have time to manage all the social media, or if you appreciate delegating your communications tasks to someone who will give their full attention and expertise — let’s talk.

I offer over 15 years of experience with:

  • copy writing, editing, proofreading
  • marketing strategy, integration of social media
  • communications systems
  • project management, media production

All of these experiences have been focused on presenting the best possible version of a story that there is to tell in the places where the right audience will find it.